Change of Ownership

Updated: Feb 01, 2021

In Feb 2021 changed ownership from to Software Based Products Pty Ltd (SBP).

This move changed the location of the company from Europe to Australia, with a corresponding change of applicable data protection laws.

SBP respects and supports the concept of data privacy, and we have made a commitment to match (as close as we can) the GDPR.

As the move of customer information to another data jurisdiction wasn't part of the original Terms of Service, no one has given their consent for this type of move.

Therefore, as part of the change of owenership, user accounts were not transfered to the new owners and all API keys were invalidated.

This effectively closes everyone's account with - we're sorry for any inconvience this may cause.

If you you wish to continue to use the service (and we hope you do!), simply register again, enter your payment details and generate a new API key. Everything else works the same.